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Barden Homes is our primary material supplier. They specialize in panelized construction techniques, NOT modular construction.   Learn More >


In 2007, we contracted with Heil & Andrews to build a new home for us just outside of Jamestown, New York. We had heard from friends that the company was a model of professionalism, and after a few meetings with Jim Andrews we were sold on using his company for our project.

- Carl and Ann Hanson

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FAQs About Building A New Home

Panelized vs. Modular Homes

Sometimes known as a hybrid modular, panelized homes provide many benefits not available with a typical modular home. The standard modular home is built for economy and often lacks in design. Without being able to properly accommodate for the layout of the land, the modular home can have a reduced lifespan. In panelized construction, only the walls are prebuilt and can be adjusted on-site to adjust any aspects that are off. A panelized home can be designed more similar to a stick-built home, although remaining more economical like a modular home.

Is there any flexibility with the floor plans and layout of a Barden Home?

You name it and it can be customized.  You can start with one of our many floor plans and customize it until you are 100% satisfied with layout and design of the house!

Do we have to use solely Barden Homes supplied materials?

Although Barden Homes uses many of the top names in construction for their suppliers, you are welcome to use any supplier for specific aspects of the project.

How does a panelized home compare to a "stick-built" home?

A panelized home is identical to a stick built home, with the only real difference being the construction of the wall panels, and roof trusses being done in a climate-controlled, dry facility.  This means the skeleton of your house is not exposed to the elements as much as a traditional stick-built home. 

A Barden Home can be air and water tight much faster than a stick-built home.

Can I do some of the work myself?

It's your house!  Why shouldn't you be able to do some of the work yourself?  You are welcome to take on part of the job if you feel up to the task.